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Schedule of Classes - OCTOBER 2015

Our yoga classes provide an opportunity for growth and awareness. Every yoga class includes breathing, movement, stretching, and relaxation. We keep our classes small so that we can provide individual help and encouragement. We support you in moving at your own pace. At the TreeHouse, yoga is not a competitive sport; it is a process of opening and exploring. Yoga can be practiced in an amazing array - from very, very gently to exceptional degrees of strength and stamina. We encourage you to try as many different classes as you can. If you have questions about what practices would be most appropriate for you, please do not hestitate to contact us: or call 813.932.5456

Descriptions of classes are listed below the schedule.

MONDAY: 9:30a Yoga Basics
5:30p Gentle

7a Sunrise
5:30p Real World
7p Begins Oct. 13 6-week Beginners Session Pre-registation required.

9:30a Basic Flow
6p Liquid Flow

6p Active Beginners
7:30p Begins Oct. 15 6-week Gentle Yoga Session Pre-registation required.

9:30a Basic Flow

9a Flow Rotation
10:30a Begins Oct. 17 6-week Beginners Session Pre-registation required.

9a Beginners


Beginning Yoga/Yoga Basics is the starting place for most people. In these classes you learn breathing and relaxation, the basic poses and the Sun Salutation which form the core of hatha yoga practice.

Gentle/Restorative Yoga is slower and more gentle than Yoga Basics. These classes are intended for people who are primarily wanting stress reduction or who are experiencing illness, injury or chronic pain.

Asana, Pranayama and Meditation The traditional method of yoga will be explored. Each class will begin with asanas (postures), move to seated pranayama (breathing practices) and finally into meditation. All levels.

Sunrise Yoga - Wake up and greet the sun as it rises over the Hillsborough River. All levels.

Real World Yoga Learn to integrate yoga into your daily life. A progressive class for those with experience of basic postures and breathing practices.

Liquid Flow A seemless exploration of vinyasa. Transitions and sequences for those with some experience.

Weight Loss Yoga includes yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques and other tools for safe and effective weight loss and a healthier life. This class is intended is for students who meet the following criteria: greater than 35lbs overweight, difficulty getting up and down off of the floor and become out of breath with mild exercion. Beginner classes are recommended for students who are overweight unless you feel uncomfortable in them or meet the criteria listed. If you have questions about this class, yoga and weight loss or which classes are right for you, please contact the TreeHouse at 813.932.5456. Weight Loss sessions meet for six weeks, twice per week.

Mysore Ashtanga TreeHouse is pleased to provide a community space for those who wish to practice Mysore Style (also known as self practice) Ashtanga Yoga. In this style of Yoga, the student practices at his or her own level and pace. Students learn the Ashtanga series in the traditional add-on method. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced student, this invigorating traditional practice is a great way to start the day.

Elements of Self Practice - Want to learn to practice on your own but not sure where to start? Already practicing on your own but have questions? Familiarity with basic postures and breathing practices is necessary.

Flowing Yoga (Active Beginner -> Advanced) classes at The TreeHouse are lively, energetic classes synchronizing breath with movement which improves strength, flexibility and concentration. Flowing yoga classes are appropriate for active beginners through advanced students. Modified versions of more challenging postures will always be given. Every class is a little different, involving a creative and eclectic mix of traditional yoga poses designed for you to challenge yourself.

Kitchen Sink - ALL levels. A wonderful Sunday afternoon class! A little of everything: relaxation, pranayama, meditation and postures with modifications for all students. Postures will include binding and inversion poses for those who would like to try them or work on them.

Active Beginners is designed for people who are active in other activities but who are new to yoga. Note: Active DOES NOT mean flexible :-)

Create Your Own Class - Small Group - Any group or 4 or more students can request a class designed specifically designed for you at a time and day of your choosing. A minimum of 4 weeks is required. Your class can be anything you wish: beginner, power, gentle, alignment, strength, flow, core focus, balance, relaxation, advanced practices...

Private Yoga classes are available. Please call the TreeHouse for more information.

Last Updated: September 30, 2015